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"The House's Money is an exciting and riveting read for general fiction collections, highly recommended."
–The Midwest Book Review

"Sullivan explores the world of mortgage-backed securities, a world of greed, power and status. In the vein of John Grisham's 'The Firm,' Matt Whiteside becomes aware of colleagues undercutting him, conspiracies of greed and a deteriorating economy that threaten his dreams and those of the people he loves. When he meets a beautiful young woman, also on the upward move, it gets even better in Owen Sullivan's book, 'The House's Money."
–Wendy Shultz, The Mountain Democrat

"Sullivan has woven an intriguing story around the Wild West that had been the real estate market during the height of the boom in 2004 to its ultimate decimation a few years later. The gripping story is told through the eyes of an array of interesting characters, some of whom you'll love and others you'll love to hate. The House's Money is a thoroughly enjoyable read." 
–Christina Wagner, The Orangevale View

"An intriguing story of ambition, love, betrayal, and greed. It takes you through the highs and lows of a tumultuous time period. Very entertaining!"
— Jack Kenealy, Author

"Interesting and enthralling, this book grips you and won't let go. Cover to cover, a great read!"
— Kieran Cullen


  1. Owen,
    Nice meeting you and Geneieve. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy Of Noble Character. I smiled reading the excerpt from The House’s Money, because I have spent some time at the Olympic Club. I find it quite interesting that both of our stories have the San Francisco connection. I will be sure to read. Best regards,
    Carolyne Swayze

    • Maryann, the sequel should be published Summer 2013. If you’re able to make it out to one of the events sometime, I’d love to chat about it with you (the back story, characters, etc.) Be sure to subscribe to this website if you want to stay informed about schedule of events, future books or articles. So happy to hear you enjoyed the book. What was your favorite part?

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The Book

Passionate, idealistic, young Matt Whiteside has just landed the job of his dreams. Dressed to kill and running on pure ambition, he enters the ranks of mortgage-backed securities traders twice his age for one of the most prestigious firms in San Francisco.

Life couldn’t be sweeter. But the roller coaster has only just begun.