Booky’s, Brews, and Red White and Blues

I spent a wonderful weekend in Mammoth Lakes at Bluesapalooza, listening to Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer and Leon Russell, all while tasting the wares of seventy California brewers. I got to know Greg Hess, who along with his brother Mike, launched Hess Brewery out of San Diego several years ago. They make some awesome tasting beer.   On Saturday I had a successful book signing at the Booky Joint, a great bookstore in the heart of Mammoth Lakes. I met some wonderful people, mostly locals but more than a few from Southern California. Everyone was nice and in a great mood, but why wouldn’t they be? They were in Mammoth Lakes!       My companions for the weekend were my wife Genevieve, her daughter Jessica and my wingman David Flanagan, who never ran out of gas or beer. There’s nothing like having a couple of cold ones in the crisp mountain air of the high sierras and listening to blues.   Written by Owen Sullivan Owen Sullivan is a Real Estate Developer and Author of The House's Money.  For more than 35 years, Owen has been involved in every corner of the real estate market from one tip of California to the other, including Wall Street, bankers, homeowners, real estate development and mortgage brokers. He is an avid book reader, sports fan, blogger, and USC graduate.