The House’s Money Awarded Finalist Medal


“The House’s Money is an exciting, riveting read for your general fiction collection – highly recommended.”

  • The Midwest Book Review


The House’s Money made the winner list:

  • Northern California Publishers & Authors Award winner 2013
  • Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist 2013



“A plot-twisting journey through the hidden world of banking, water rights, greed and murder… It is hard to determine which is more terrifying – the body count or the banking practices.”

– Wendy Schultz, Mountain Democrat


Liquid Gold made the winner list:

  • Next Generation Indie Book Awards first place winner 2014
A Gala Awards Ceremony was held at the famed landmark Plaza Hotel in New York City in May.

The Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group has named the best indie books of 2013.  I was thrilled to be notified that The House's Money was awarded a Finalist Medal in the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.  It's an honor to be recognized as one of the Winners and Finalists.

medals-closeupThe Next Generation Indie Book Awards is known as the 'Sundance' of the independent publishing world and has become the largest Not-for-Profit book awards program in the world.

"Authors and publishers who compete in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards are serious about promoting their books," says Catherine Goulet, Chair of the awards program.  "They aim to stand out from the crowd of millions of books in print."

This is a professionally run competition, anchored by judges recognized for their publishing expertise. The 2013 judges included expert editors (many having worked with major publishing houses including Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Penguin Books, Putnan, New Bantam Books, and Dell Publishing) and designers, marketing gurus, book buyers, literary agents, book reviewers, publishing executives, writing professors, successful published authors, and other leaders in the industry.

Indie Awards PosterThe Next Generation Indie Book Awards honors and recognizes the most talented authors following in the footsteps of James Joyce, Upton Sinclair, Anais Nin, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, W.E.B. DuBois, e.e. Cummings, and Virginia Woolf, all of whom were originally independently published.



Helping Keep Art in Schools for Kids at Sacramento Beer and Chili Festival

O & Therese (Medium)

The chili was hot and the beer was cold in Fremont Park last weekend.  It was an honor to compete along with Therese Marchetti in a chili cook off amongst some of the best Sacramento area restaurants.

   I am proud to announce that Trailblazer Chili (that's me) was awarded First Place by the judges in the Individual Category!

 Here's a list of winners:

Individual Category: 1) Trailblazer Chili 2) J's of D & J's Chili 3) Team Boyd

Industry Category: 1) Piglet's 2) Restaurant Thir13en 3) 5 Hundy Social Club

 Vegetarian Category: 1) Sacramento Artists Council 2) Dan Scott

People's Choice: 1) Team Boyd 2) Piglet's 3) The Golden Bear

 Hugs (Small)


This annual event, sponsored by the Sacramento Artists Council in partnership with the Grid Agencyand Dad's Kitchen is held annually to raise money to assist at-risk children, children of homeless families and fund local adopt a school art programs.

Midwest Book Review

Midwest book reviews graphicI’m excited to have just received an announcement from Midwest Book Review in Oregon, Wisconsin that the February 2013 issue of the online book review magazine “Small Press Bookwatch” features “The House’s Money.” This is cool as Midwest Book Review is a nationally-recognized reviewer of book titles and receives numerous book submissions each year for review with only a select few making the cut for a feature review.

The review reads as follows:

Life’s ambition is always a rough and difficult endeavor. “The House’s Money” is a novel from Owen Sullivan as he presents a story of ambition following young Matt Whiteside as he deals with his rising career and is entranced in a romance with another real estate rising star, Stephanie. Their romance is whirl wind as the drive for money encompasses both and the bubble they built on may soon burst. “The House’s Money” is an exciting and riveting read for general fiction collections, highly recommended.

This review has also been posted with the Cengage Learning, Gale interactive CD-ROM series “Book Review Index,” which is published four times yearly for academic, corporate, and public library systems.

Additionally, this review will be archived on Midwest Book Review website for he next five years at

Snow Globe Gingerbread Cookies

I love making gingerbread for Christmas.  So when my daughter, Jessah of Dreaming of Dimples, invited me to a Bloggers Holiday Cookie Exchange put together by Catherine Enfield, I created these little cuties.  The event was held at the luxurious Le Rivage Hotel in a room all decked out for the holidays where we enjoyed delicious food and drinks in front of a cozy fireplace.  It was a fun evening of networking with other Sacramento Bloggers and showing off our favorite cookie recipes.  Oh, and there were plenty of prizes for all.  One lucky winner even landed a night at the Le Rivage. I won a tote packed with Bob’s Red Mill goodies–I love Bob’s Red Mill!




Cookies recipe:  Gingerbread Cookies

Icing recipe: Royal Icing

Coupler, Decorator tips #3 and #5, Acrylic shot glasses, Miniature marshmallows, Whole cloves, Black and orange edible markers, Nonpareils and/or Colored sugar sprinkles.

Assorted candies:  Red Hots, Mini M & M’s, Gummy trees (optional), Chocolate rocks (optional), Candy strips for scarves (optional).


What’s great about this recipe (see link for recipe above) is that, unlike other gingerbread recipes, no dough refrigeration is needed prior to rolling it out.  Roll out dough according to the recipe and cut out rounds with a 3-inch cookie cutter.  After baking, allow cookies to cool before decorating them.  While you’re waiting for them to cool, get your royal icing ready (recipe is above).


Start by flipping cookie upside down.  With a pastry bag, coupler and tip #5, glue on four gumdrops with Wilton’s Royal Icing.  It’s easiest to do all the cookies at the same time and let them dry for at least 30 minutes.


Use edible markers to draw faces on mini marshmallows for heads.  You’ll need three mini marshmallows for each snowman. One for each head and two for each body.  With royal icing, “glue” together two marshmallows for body, add the head, and let set for a few minutes to dry.  Next you can add scarves or decorating stars (as buttons).  For scarves, cut a thin strip of Sour Belts candy scissors. Wrap it around the snowman’s neck and secure it with a dab of royal icing.  Attach cloves for arms with royal icing.


Trace the rim of an acrylic shot glass onto center of cookie to mark diameter of circle.

Fill in the circle with royal icing going just slightly outside the circumference.  Put a snowman in the middle, pressing down gently.  You can also add chocolate rock candy if you want.  Sprinkle with nonpareil or colored sugar sprinkles.

Set shot glass over the top and press down gently.  If the shot glass rim is not firmly affixed, you can go around the outside rim with icing to make sure it’s secure.

7 Fully DecoratedWith a pastry bag, coupler and tip #3, decorate the outside with royal icing, add candies, write names or sayings, or add snowflakes to the outside of the shot glass.

These also look great in cellophane bags tied with a pretty bow for gift giving.


I hope you have fun with these.  If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.  I would love to hear from you.  Happy baking!

Written by Genevieve Sullivan

Mountain Democrat Book Review

Greed and a Bad Economy Knock on the Door

by Wendy Shultz
Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Volume 161 • Issue 141

In the vein of John Grisham's "The Firm" Whiteside becomes aware of colleagues undercutting him, conspiracies of greed and a deteriorating housing economy that threatens his dreams and those of the people he loves.

In his first book, Sullivan explores the world of mortgage-backed securities, a world of greed, power and status that Sullivan has seen from his career as a real estate developer.

"In 2005 and 2006, I had five or six projects in the works, but the banks pulled the rug out from under me," said Sullivan. "I had some rental homes and tried to do a short sale with them, but the bank kept losing my paperwork and the whole thing went on and on. I thought, if I'm in the business and have this much trouble, what would it be like for the average homeowner? Things with banks were in such a mess that I thought this was a story a lot of people would have interest in."

With time on his hands and a front row seat at the mortgage meltdown, Sullivan wrote "The House's Money."

"The whole mess started and ended with Wall Street, so I used a trader as the main character. Banks were panicking, hiring a whole bunch of people and not giving them much training to handle things. They had a script to read when people called and no decision making ability, but they could call you and pester you to death. I wanted to give people a peek behind the scenes in my book," Sullivan said.

Booky’s, Brews, and Red White and Blues

I spent a wonderful weekend in Mammoth Lakes at Bluesapalooza, listening to Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer and Leon Russell, all while tasting the wares of seventy California brewers. I got to know Greg Hess, who along with his brother Mike, launched Hess Brewery out of San Diego several years ago. They make some awesome tasting beer.   On Saturday I had a successful book signing at the Booky Joint, a great bookstore in the heart of Mammoth Lakes. I met some wonderful people, mostly locals but more than a few from Southern California. Everyone was nice and in a great mood, but why wouldn’t they be? They were in Mammoth Lakes!       My companions for the weekend were my wife Genevieve, her daughter Jessica and my wingman David Flanagan, who never ran out of gas or beer. There’s nothing like having a couple of cold ones in the crisp mountain air of the high sierras and listening to blues.   Written by Owen Sullivan Owen Sullivan is a Real Estate Developer and Author of The House's Money.  For more than 35 years, Owen has been involved in every corner of the real estate market from one tip of California to the other, including Wall Street, bankers, homeowners, real estate development and mortgage brokers. He is an avid book reader, sports fan, blogger, and USC graduate.