Author’s Bio

Owen Sullivan

Owen is a real estate developer with more than 35 years of experience in large-scale real estate development/building projects involving construction management, raising capital, budgeting, financing, land entitlement and environmental compliance. He has taken numerous projects from raw land to completed projects, overseeing every step along the way.

His career began with Pacific Scene Inc., one of the largest development firms in the country, based out of San Diego, California. From one tip of California to the other, Owen served as Senior Vice President/Division Manager in charge of Northern California and Nevada multi-family operations. Pacific Scene was ranked 50th largest builder in the United States by Builder Magazine.

He started Northwest Land Company, Inc. in 1987 supervising all operations, including construction budgets, subcontractor contracts, land purchases and generating annual sales of $20 million. He has developed and sold over 3,000 apartment units, 300 condos, 1,000 single-family homes, 400,000 square feet of tilt up office industrial space and rehabbed 400 apartment units.

His career highlights include developing and selling over $300 million in real estate, being named “Builder of the Month” by Builder/Architect Magazine, and speaking at numerous events, including the National Multifamily Convention in Atlanta, Georgia and Anaheim, California.

Owen holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a double major in Real Estate Finance and Marketing from the University of Southern California.

The Book

Passionate, idealistic, young Matt Whiteside has just landed the job of his dreams. Dressed to kill and running on pure ambition, he enters the ranks of mortgage-backed securities traders twice his age for one of the most prestigious firms in San Francisco.

Life couldn’t be sweeter. But the roller coaster has only just begun.